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LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System
9.8kWh LFP SmartBESS
Compared with standard batteries, the e-On Genesis battery pack is characterized with superior charging and discharging performance algorithms, delivering longer cycle life and limited self discharging loss. The build-in BMS monitors operational status and relays real time alarms to avoid operation out of established safety and performance parameters. A maximum of eight batteries can be parallel-connected to expand energy and deliverable power of energy storage system, storing a
whopping 78.4kWh of energy!
  • Expandability: a maximum of eight batteries can be parallel-connected
  • Ease:  Simple technician friendly plug-and-play for rapid field installation
  • ​Sleek Low Profile Design: Compact and lightweight stainless aluminum cover
  • Safe performance: LFP chemistry and proprietary BMS

Left Side

Rear Mount

Right Side

e-On batteries timeline we have been innovating energy storage since 2015

e-On's SmartBess

The safest U.S. based solution for Battery Energy Storage

LiFePO4 Battery Module 6.4kWh UL1973 listed
Battery Modules
  • ​UL 1973 Listed
  • ​6.4kWh, 51.2V Nominal Voltage
  • ​Safe 580 degree F Thermal event rating
  • ​Depth of discharge upto 90%
LiFePO4 Smart Battery Energy Storage System
Stackable Solution
  • ​Scalable from 32kWh to 2.5MWh
  • ​UL9540 Compliant
  • ​Modbus/CANbus
  • ​CEC Listed and eligible for SGIP
e-On proprietary battery management system is developed in the U.S.A.
Battery Management System(BMS)
  • ​Proprietary BMS
  • ​3 tier system monitoring to the cell level
  • ​Inter-Operative with widely used inverters
  • ​Integrated Smart Communication from cell to site controller

e-On's Solution Partnerships

Delivering faster time to value by making Energy Storage easier to implement

Turn-key partners for Battery Energy Storage Systems
CE+T Energy Solutions
Pre-Integration Partner
“We are very excited about this partnership. Our joined efforts have allowed the creation of energy smart, cost effective and safe Energy Storage Solutions that encompass EVSE, microgrids and energy arbitrage management.” 
Mario Barbaresso- CEO CE+T
Recore Energy
Total Turn-key Solution Provider
“Strong partnerships, like this one with e-On Batteries and CE+T, brings very strong energy solutions to our customers. We are very excited to help move innovative ideas from conception into reality”
Steve Harmon, CEO Recore Energy
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