Superior Performance
e-On Batteries is a leader in the Battery Energy Storage industry. In the design and assembly Smart Battery Energy Storage Systems(SmartBess) with a focus on long-term reliability and safety in the United States. Our systems combine a proprietary Battery Management System(BMS) and a LiFePo4, 6.4kWh module which is UL1973 listed and can scaled for applications in Behind the meter Microgrid, Electric Vehicle Charging, Data Centers and in-front of the meter Utility Scale Energy Storage that range from 32kWh to over 2.5MWH building blocks. As an early mover in Energy Storage, e-On works with Utilities and Government Organizations to ensure our products qualify for incentive programs such as the California's CEC, and SGIP.

Up To 15 Year Life Cycle
Zero Maintenance
Safe For Work Environment
Smart Battery Energy Storage Solutions
e-On Batteries manufactures a wide range of lithium battery energy storage systems. From grid stabilization in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution to end user consumption, e-On's lithium battery Energy Storage Systems provide stability and added value across the entire energy spectrum.
  • Perfect for Small Offices 
  •  Power Quality
  •  Power Reliability 
  •  Electric Energy Time Shift
  •  Demand Management
Industrial Grade Locations
lifepo4 battery energy storage system
  • Perfect for Large Offices & Warehouses
  •  Peak Shaving
  •  Grid Efficiency 
  •  Voltage Support
  •  Load Reduction
  •  C&R Backup Power
  • Perfect for Utility Scale Projects
  •  Frequency and Ramp Rate Regulation
  •  Spinning Reserves 
  •  Renewable Integration 
California Now Offering Incentives through its Self Generation Incentive Program
Bio Force - BASIC
Bio Force - EXTREME